Getting Started with the API

Integrating with Transactive's API consists of modifying your application(s) to do the following:

  • Call Transactive API endpoints
  • Receive notifications of Transactive API events (optional)

Calling the Transactive API

Write HTTP client code to call the Transactive endpoints your business requires, using the Calling the API section as a reference.

Target as many or as few endpoints as required, however, we suggest the following milestones:

Milestone - Integrate with a Non-Essential Authenticated Endpoint

Start by integrating to a non-payment endpoint, such as stats for basic health checking/pinging, or Accounts for keeping tabs on your balances.

This milestone is vital since it involves learning how to construct and send a properly authenticated HTTP request, details of which can be found in the Authentication section of Calling the API.

Using a non-essential endpoint will help you understand the mechanics of making Transactive API calls, allowing you to subsequently concentrate on your business logic.

Milestone - Payments Endpoint

Once you understand the mechanics of making calls, integrate with Payments to ensure you can send payments.

Milestone - Reporting Endpoint

Complete your integration by fulfilling your reporting requirements, using Payments and view payment, account and fee activity.

Receiving Transactive API Notifications (Optional)

Write callbacks for the Transactive events that you need to be informed of, registering them with Transactive as webhooks. See Receiving API Calls.

As with Transactive endpoints, you are free to listen to as many or as few Transactive events as required, however we suggest you at least cover the following:

Outbound Payments (Payouts)

  • Accepted - funds have been withdrawn from your account, reducing its balance
  • Rejected - the payment could not be executed for some reason, for example insufficient funds, no funds have been withdrawn
  • Returned - funds have been returned to your account

Inbound Payments (Deposits)

  • Accepted - funds have been deposited into your account, increasing its balance


You are responsible for your own testing. Test until you are confident that all endpoints and calls are going through correctly in all situations. See Testing

There is no certification process associated with Transactive integrations. Go to production when you think you're ready.