Test Environment

Your trial environment is where you should do your initial integration testing, as well as your ongoing maintenance/upgrade testing.

Test Strategy

Send real, low value payments to both real IBANs and Transactive test IBANs.

The following test IBANS are used to generate explicit, repeatable, valid and invalid responses from Transactive, especially for exotic error conditions which are difficult to replicate.

Test IBANS (Coming soon)

IBAN Purpose Response

Required Testing

There is no certification process associated with Transactive.

You are responsible for your own testing.

We suggest you test according to whichever of the following scenarios are applicable to your business before going live.

Sending of Funds

You must test POST on the following:

This is needed even in the case of a collection only account because of the need to sweep funds to a designated account. The system can be configured with a single entry whitelist so the only allowed destination is the sweep account.

We recommend that you test GET on the following endpoints:

Collection Account Only

You may choose to use an account for just the collection of funds. Using a collection account means you may never send payments but will rely on a daily sweep to send funds to your treasury account.

We recommend that you test GET on the following endpoints:


The above constitute the minimum testing that should be performed. In addition, you may wish to use and test GET POST and DELETE on the following endpoints:

Friends and Family Testing

Once you have achieved your testing goals, we suggest you begin limited live usage of the system. During this time period, monitor your systems carefully to ensure everything is working as it should.

Go Live

If all goes well during your friends and family test period, you can move to full live processing.