What parts of my configuration can I modify myself?

What changes can I make?

Due to security restrictions you are limited to the amount of changes you and your team are able to make without contacting us. 

Changes you can make:

- You can configure members of your team. For example: adding, removing and amending authority rights. This can be done by clicking on the settings icon in your portal, then clicking on contacts. Here you will see all the people who have access to your Transactive portal within your team. 

- You can add IBAN account names for example: Operational account, Fees account, Revenue account, or whatever you need it to be titled as. To do this you just need to click on blue "New" icon, on the top left hand side of your portal once you log in. You can also disable one of these accounts by clicking in to the account and selecting the blue "disable" icon - however please ensure that you remove all funds before doing so. If you then decide to reactivate a disabled account please click on the blue "Enable" icon.