How do I submit a manual payment?

To submit a manual payment 

Please log in to your portal as normal. 

In the top right hand corner you will see the word Payments. Please click on this icon

you will now see the payments page, on which you have the following tabs:

Search     Send     Transfer

Please select the Send tab. you should now see the following on your screen:

On this page you need to fill in manually or by using the drop down menus in each box, the correct payment information for this payment. Please make sure you fill in all boxes 

  • From Account = using the drop down box please select the account you wish to make the payment FROM
  • Payment Currency = select the currency required for this payment
  • Payment Amount = type in the amount of money you wish to transfer (please make sure this is the correct amount in the currency you have chosen)
  • I have the Payee's = in this drop down menu you can either select IBAN or UK Bank Account Number. Please note that if you select UK Bank Account Number you will ALSO need the Sort Code which will need to be entered in the next box before the account number. 
  • IBAN/ Account Number = depending on which you have selected in the previous box, please enter either the IBAN or UK Bank Account Number. 
  • Payee Name = enter the name of the account holder of the account you are paying in to (in some cases the Payee Name may be a Company)
  • Your Reference = Please enter a reference for your records. This is what will show up in your account for this payment
  • Description for Payee's Bank Statement = This is where you fill in a reference for the payee to see in their account and bank statement for this payment
  • SEND PAYMENT = Please make sure to check all the information you have entered is correct before you click on this
  • If the payment was made successfully you will see a green pop up box confirming this. If the payment does not go through a red pop up box will be displayed and you will need to check the information you have given is correct. If you cannot find a problem please make sure that there is enough money in the account you are trying to pay FROM, and that the account is NOT disabled.