How do I add a new User/Contact?

Adding a User

When Adding someone new to the Transactive Portal please follow these instructions:

When logged into your account, please select the "Settings" icon which is located at the top right of the page next to Payments. 

Once you have selected Settings please select Contacts:

When you select contacts please select new:

This will take you to the following page where you are required to fill in the information needed to add a new contact/user:

This page requires information needed for a new contact: 

When inserting the mobile/cell number please ensure you leave a space after the country code-

eg +44 7891234567

eg +353 123456789

Please ensure you give the person the right Authority

Reporting:  is for accounting and review

Payment:   gives the person rights to make a payment and view the reporting

Admin:       allows you to do all and to make changes to individuals (like adding a person to your portal)

Once all the required fields have been added, please click on submit. This should complete the new account, and this person should appear in your contacts list. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email or phone


p: +44 (0) 208 275 1170