Beta-1 2018-9-26

New release incorporating feedback and bug-fixes from the "Friends and Family" testing with Alpha-1. This version incorporates the following changes:


  • Webhooks now received from FasterPayment scheme.
  • Seymour correctly whitelisted.
  • /activities endpoint added. This endpoint combines the important elements of the `/entries` and `/events` endpoints. It gives a single view of all payments and fee activity on all accounts. 
  • /events endpoint removed.
  • /entries endpoint removed. 
  • Internal identifiers suppressed in json returned by end-points. 
  • Token authorization now uses standard bearer token authorization header rather than custom "api_key" header. 
  • The function of /gettoken and /refreshtoken have been combined into /contacts/gettoken. The body now only requires "Uid". Authorization is either 'Authoriztion: Basic' for the first request. This will trigger an Authy OneTouch authorization. This is instead of providing Uid and Password in the body. As long as the token is has not expired subsequent requests can be made with 'Authorization: Bearer' returning a token with a life extension.
  • /registerapplication and /deregisterapplication have been moved to /contacts/registerapplication and /contacts/deregisterapplication respectively. 


  • Timestamps are now in UTC everywhere.
  • Account details page now shows more information based on the /activities endpoint.
  • DeregisterApplication now works
  • Date-picker now works on OSX - Safari
  • Minor fixes of UI glitches