Signing up for a Trial

Try Us Out

You can sign up for a trial without providing as much information as needed to become a customer. The trial account is a great way for you and your developers to explore the Transactive system. It's a test environment (also referred to as a sandbox) that uses dummy account numbers and test funds. You can sign up as a customer and for a trial account concurrently.

You will likely keep your trial account active for occasional system testing.

Register now to access the Transactive Sandbox environment. Be sure to click the checkbox for a trial environment.

When you sign up for a trial account you get:

  • a user account with access to the Transactive's portal
  • two Transactive virtual bank accounts, each pre-funded with a nominal amount of GBP
  • an API key for securely testing sending payments (between your two test Transactive accounts)

Payments made using the sandbox system are charged to your test funds at a demo rate that will allow you to send hundreds of sample payments. If you run through all the test funds, let us know and we'll top you up.