Becoming a Client


The major steps to becoming a client are:

  1. Sign your company up
  2. Integrate your systems with Transactive's instant payments API
  3. Test your integration. You will want to use a trial account

Once you have completed these steps, you're ready to process payments.

Completing these steps will likely involve multiple people and departments within your organization, including business managers and web developers.

Information about your Organisation

We need some details about your organization and its people before we can set up your production account. Your company should be ready to be provide information about the following:

Nature of Your Business

We need to understand your business to determine if it falls within the verticals that we support. What are the sources of funds, where are they going and why?

Company Details

We need the full name, address, and registered number of your company along with all directors, shareholders controlling over 25% of the company, and any other individuals who exercise control over management of the company.

Company Ownership

We need to identify the beneficial owners, verify their identity, and take measures to understand the ownership and control structure of the company.

Commercial Terms

The fees, settlement account and other financial specifics of your business relationship with Transactive must be agreed to.

Signup is comparable to starting a business relationship with a bank. As such, someone on the business side of your company is most likely best suited for this task.

Ready to get started? Complete the online pre-application, or contact us at Client Support to find out more.

After Approval

Upon being accepted as a client, you are provisioned as follows:

  • Organization - specifying the legal details about your company and the specifics of your processing agreement with Transactive, including pricing
  • Virtual Bank Account(s) - account(s) to/from which funds are transferred and fees are charged, complete with valid IBAN
  • Contact - to securely call Transactive's API, with the help of a subscription API key provided via email, or login to the web portal

An API key must be obtained before you can access Transactive's API.