Quick Start

The Transactive API allows you as a developer to integrate Transactive payment processing into your company's IT systems.

Obtain an API Key...

To use our API, you need an API key. 

  • Not a client yet? - sign up for an account, then login to the Transactive portal (see above) to create your API key.
  • Already a client? - ask your company's Transactive admin for an API key, or if you have a login, go to your profile in the Transactive portal and create an API key yourself:

...Then Dive In

Once you have your API key, feel free to jump right and make some API calls using postman and our collection called "Transactive API Samples".

Run in Postman

Don't forget to paste your API key into the Token field of the Authorization tab of each individual endpoint you want to try out, as shown below for "/contacts".

Since our API is OpenAPI compliant, you can also use Swagger Editor to explore, your choice.

...Or Take Your Time

If you're not the dive-straight-in type, you can start by reviewing our API Features and Key Concepts. Then, once you're more comfortable with our offering, try making some calls using the mechanisms discussed above or start integrating using our Integrating section as your guide.