How do I gain access to the Transactive Portal?

Gaining Access to the Transactive Portal

–Step 1: install the "Authy" app on your smart phone. The app will be activated every time you log on to the Transactive Payment Portal as a security requirement.
–Step 2: go to your usual app store on your phone and search for the “Authy” app. This is what the app logo looks like: 
–Step 3: on your computer go to the following link: Log in using your User ID and temporary password *

* Your User ID is the email address you gave on your application form. If you have not already, you will soon receive a temporary password from a member of the Transactive team.

–Step 4: You will then receive a notification on the Authy app on your phone. Please click Approve.   Example:   If this does not show automatically, in the top left–hand corner of your phone you will see a request. Please press the request, click on pending and then press approve.

– Step 5: Once Authy is approved, on your computer you will be asked to insert a new password. This will now be your password going forward (please make a note of this somewhere safe). Please note the password needs to be less than 15 characters and more than 8 and contains a number (0-9) and a special character (~!@#$%^&*_-+='|\(){}[]:;'"<>,.?/) for example: St@cy1234
– Step 6: You should then receive another Authy authentication request on your phone, please approve this.

–– Step 7: At this point please log out of the Transactive portal, and log in again. This will result in another Authy request for you to approve.
– Step 8: You should now be able to navigate the portal.