First Steps With a Trial

This document assumes you are a developer and you have been provided with a user id (Uid) and a temporary password to a Trial Account. For example:

Uid:, Pw: asd8YY


What are the next steps of the configuration process that will let you begin testing the Transactive API?

1. Login and change your password

  1. Visit the Transactive Portal at and log in with the Uid and Pw you have been provided. 
  2. Under your name at the right of the top menu select  "My Profile"

2. Create a new Application and obtain a bearer-token

  1. Click "Register New Application". Enter a name meaningful to you and an email address any notifications should be sent to. 
  2. Select the authorities the application should have. For your initial testing we suggest selecting Reporting, Payments and Admin. However you can create tokens with any combination of authorities.
  3. Click Submit to create the Application. Important! Copy the bearer token and keep for later use. 

3. Use Postman to make some API calls

With a bearer token you can now make API calls. We suggest exploring the API with Postman. To do this:

  1. Install the Postman application from here:
  2. Start up and log into Postman
  3. Import the link to the Postman collection specified in the rescue section above. 
  4. In Postman at the collection level, change the 'bearer_token' variable from the default value to the bearer token from step 3 above.
  5. You should then be able to execute the sample API calls provided in the collection.

4. Integrate to your systems

Using the Postman samples as a guide you can easily integrate your systems to the Transactive API. If you encounter any difficulties please contact us